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Mathematics and Physics: All levels and abilities welcome. Prepearing you for your GCSE and A level Exams. Also, tuition available to anyone who wants to improve their basics skills and understanding.

Mathematica and Python: Programming skills are so vital in STEM learning today. Thinkdiff provides introductory learning for those wishing to take their first steps in programming.

Adult Learning: Want to brush up on your maths skills?  Always thought to learn some physics to get a better understanding of the world around you? Give us a call

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Adult Learning

John joined our school as both a Science and Maths tutor at the beginning of the year. John
has shown himself to be one of most reliable and professional tutors. He is punctual,
consistent and has been flexible and accommodating to new and challenging situations. His wealth of experience has meant his students have come along leaps and bounds since
starting tuition with John.


Tutor Coordinator

Mr John was very instrumental in educating the students about Mathis concepts with most
simplified and effective way and could generate interest about the subject among all the
students. His academic excellence was exhibited during his teaching and his classroom
control was most appreciating. Each and every student and their parents were more than
happy and satisfied with the progress of their child and understanding about the subject. Mr
John is truly a great educator, mentor and teacher.


Champs Learning

My daughter was at breaking point before she began tutoring with John. During the time in
which John has worked with her I have witnessed a new found confidence which continues
to grow each time she has a lesson with him. I would most definitely put this down to John’s
kind, caring and patient approach, plus his unmistakable commitment to bringing out her
mathematical potential. John is clearly a very skilled mathematician who processes the
ability to break down the subject and pass on his knowledge to those that find maths both
challenging and difficult, I recommend him highly.