Francis Crick Institute will be a purpose-built space for scientists

From the Daily Telegraph
Scientists of tomorrow will work together in inspired environments when the Francis Crick Institute opens in London next year

On the corner of Midland Road and Brill Place, a stone’s throw from London’s St Pancras station and the British Library, a building is rising that will help transform the way biomedical scientists work.
Built on a huge scale, the Francis Crick Institute, named after the British scientist who helped decode the structure of DNA, will house 1,200 scientists working in biomedical research when it opens at the end of 2015.
Many will be PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. Collaboration and communal brainstorming will define the way researchers work, an aspiration reflected in the design of the building, which will feature acres of glass, walkways, open-plan labs, shared facilities and communal spaces. It’s all a world away from the days when scientists worked in cramped laboratories, often on their own. Read more.